Challenging boundaries and expanding discourse, this “third wave” conference offers an opportunity to diversely engage the rugged terrains of our contemporary condition by drawing on the strengths of womanist religious scholarship while also departing from the inherited tradition. Together a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious group of scholars and attendees will think together on how to articulate and live into this third wave that cares for the varied lived religious experiences of women of African descent and craves justice, wellness, wholeness, freedom and quality of life.

“Third Wave” womanist religious thought inherits and lifts up the legacy of its strong womanist heritage and remains faithfully unfaithful to its discursive history. Like all womanist religious thought, this third wave is grounded in black women’s religiosity. This third wave celebrates hybridity, tension and complexity; it is Christian and non-Christian, straight and queer, historical and yet postmodern, political and rich with philosophical and cultural criticism, and lastly, committed to an open-ended vision of possibility.

* This conference was also part of the 20th anniversary of the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Claremont Graduate University.